Government Charters

We understand the special requirements of most government officials, staff, and personnel. Find out how Skyways can facilitate your government travel needs.

Secure. Safe. Discreet.

We fully understand that government travelers have a unique set of circumstances when it comes to air-travel. At Skyways, we put great emphasis in rapid scheduling, security, and discretion – ensuring that our government travelers reach their destination with speed, efficiency, and comfort.


From ground transport to regional helicopter transfers, we can coordinate the logistics of your travel itinerary to ensure that your mission objectives are met.


With advanced notice we can provide additional private security details to mitigate potential security threats throughout your travel.


Each flight can be arranged with an onboard attendant or catered food services to meet your groups dining requirements.

Explore our Private Jets

Whenever and wherever your destination, our fleet can accommodate the speed, seating capacity, and discretion that government travelers demand.

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The ultimate performance jet

Hawker 800XP

Our most popular mid-size jet

Hawker 850XP

An upgraded flying experience