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Remove the headache that often coincides with juggling the intricacies of owning and managing your aircraft. Skyways Charter is here to manage your aircraft operations from start to finish with our first-class aircraft management program.

Designed specifically with owners in mind, it is our goal to remedy your existing aircraft management pain points, always leading with transparency, precision, and diligence. The Skyways Charter aircraft management program boasts a host of benefits, allowing aircraft owners to enjoy the luxury of ownership without the hassle of everyday management responsibilities.

Our team of experts is proud to offer:

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Our capabilities are vast – coupled with impeccable service and premier planning. When you’re ready to fly, you’ll experience passionate, intuitive care both in the air and on the ground. Enjoy a dedicated flight department with a single point of contact to cater to your every needs. At Skyways, we ensure that your journey is just as memorable as your destination.

  • Safety management program

  • Maintenance scheduling & coordination

  • Crew and flight scheduling

  • White glove concierge services

  • Quality checks and inspection
  • Pilot/Crew staffing and training

  • Regulatory and FAA Part 135 conformity

  • Financial reviews & auditing

  • Part 135 charter program

  • Aircraft sales & acquisition

Charter Program

Designed for owners who want the ability to charter their aircraft, our Charter Program allows you to add your aircraft to Skyways Charter FAA PART 135 charter certification and maximize your return by generating revenue when your aircraft isn’t being utilized.

Whether it’s a few trips a year to offset operational expenses or if your goal is to maximize the revenue potential of your aircraft, our expert sales team have cultivated a loyal client following delivering consistent quality charter returns for all of our clients.

Transfer of aircraft management can be costly and comes with extensive paperwork. We here at Skyways meticulously handle all the necessary transfer documentation for all aircraft which is placed with us for management, and work tirelessly for our owners and partners to ensure they recoup any transfer costs as quickly as possible to maintain the integrity of their investment.


When your aircraft is under our care, you’ll receive 24/7 access to our Aircraft Management Portal. Utilize a comprehensive suite of data backed reporting tools and make informed decisions regarding your asset.

  • Monthly summary and YTD P&L

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • In-depth analysis of your aircraft’s operation, trends and usage

  • Aircraft status report including interior, paint condition and upcoming mandates

  • Annual aircraft operation and maintenance projection

  • Fuel consumption and optimization strategies

  • Trend identification and proactive logistics management

Impeccable Standards

Technology, training, and communication are at the heart of our company culture


We are both ARGUS and Wyvern Certified – accreditations which indicate the highest levels of safety and best practices within the aviation industry.


Our seasoned team has decades of expertise in aviation safety which has produced a flawless safety record free of accidents, incidents, and violations.

Trained Technicians

Our network of licensed and factory-trained technicians meet and exceed FAA regulations when it comes to aircraft maintenance and record-keeping.

Management Services

  • Operational & Trip Logistics

  • Safety management program

  • Maintenance Scheduling & Coordination

  • Crew and flight scheduling

  • Quality Checks and Inspection
  • Pilot/Crew Staffing and training
  • Regulatory and FAA Part 135 conformity
  • Financial Reviews & Auditing
  • Part 135 Charter Program
  • White glove Concierge Services

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